Waqas Arshad Cheema

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Plagiarism; an un-attributed reuse of text, is very significant problem specifically for higher education institutions. Consequently, a number of automated plagiarism detection system have been developed to cater this problem. The comparison of these automated plagiarism detection systems is difficult sue to problem in collecting real cases of plagiarism by(More)
This paper describes the methods we have employed to solve the author profiling task at PAN-2015. The proposed system is based on simple content based features to identify an author's age, gender and other personality traits. The problem of author profiling was treated as a supervised machine learning task. First content based features were extracted from(More)
Both UV treatment and ozonation are used to reduce different types of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in swimming pools. UV treatment is the most common approach, as it is particularly efficient at removing combined chlorine. However, the UV treatment of pool water increases chlorine reactivity and the formation of chloro-organic DBPs such as(More)
Several brominated disinfection by-products (DBPs) are formed in chlorinated seawater pools, due to the high concentration of bromide in seawater. UV irradiation is increasingly employed in freshwater pools, because UV treatment photodegrades harmful chloramines. However, in freshwater pools it has been reported that post-UV chlorination promotes the(More)
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