Waqas Akram

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Introduction: Evidence for isotopic anomalies in bulk car-bonaceous chondrites relative to other meteorites, the moon and Earth have recently been reported for several elements (Sm, Nd, Ba, Ti and Cr[1, 2, 3]). The nature of these heterogeneities is not very well understood. The isotopic composition of Zr mainly reflects a mixture of different sand(More)
Seawater desalination plants discharge brine which is at higher salt concentration than the supplied seawater feed. Diluting this brine by mixing it with the lower concentration feed (seawater) will reduce the environmental hazards associated with the high salt concentration of the disposed brine. Energy can be generated from the dilution process in which(More)
Over-sampled digital-to-analog converters typically employ a unit-element architecture to drive out the analog signal. Performance can suffer from errors due to mismatch between unit elements, leading to a sharp drop in the achievable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Mismatch noise shaping is an established technique for overcoming these limitations, but(More)
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