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Physical properties and characterization of Ag doped CdS thin films
Abstract Thin films of cadmium sulfide with very well defined preferential orientation and relatively high absorption coefficient were fabricated by thermal evaporation technique. The research isExpand
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Potential of Cellulosic Ethanol to Overcome Energy Crisis in Pakistan
Liquid biofuel industry in Pakistan may become a promising source for saving our foreign exchange and environment. Currently, bioethanol production is dependent on cane molasses, a product of sugarExpand
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Application of intelligent agents in health-care: review
The successful use of intelligent agents in healthcare has attracted researchers to apply this emerging software engineering paradigm in more advanced and complex applications like personalized and socialized health care systems. Expand
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Cu-doping effects on the physical properties of cadmium sulfide thin films
Abstract Thin films of CdS were fabricated by close spaced sublimation technique under vacuum of ∼10−5 mbar at a source temperature of 550 °C for various periods of time. These as-deposited thinExpand
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Optical and electrical studies of CdS thin films with thickness variation
Abstract Cadmium sulphide (CdS) is the n-type, wide band gap II-VI semiconducting material by offering applications in photovoltaics. Among the range of applications offered by CdS thin films, it hasExpand
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One-step rapid synthesis of Cu2Se with enhanced thermoelectric properties
Abstract Currently, thermoelectric devices are receiving an immense attention from the renewable energy community due to their environment friendliness. We report a single step facile arc-meltingExpand
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Zinc Telluride Thin Films: A Review
Zinc telluride thin films can be used in a large variety of applications such as optoelectronics and microelectronics tools. In this paper, the growth of ZnTe films prepared by electrodeposition,Expand
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Role of Ag1+ substitutional defects on the electronic and optical properties of n-type CdS thin films semiconductor for sustainable and stable window layer in solar cells technology
Abstract Cadmium sulfide (CdS) has been investigated extensively for II generation solar cell as an efficient window layer with n type conductivity. The significance of CdS is because of its largeExpand
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Physical properties of sublimated zinc telluride thin films for solar cell applications
Abstract Zinc telluride (ZnTe) thin films were fabricated by using closed space sublimation (CSS) technique on glass substrate under vacuum. Pre-fabricated ZnTe thin films were doped with silver (Ag)Expand
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Zinc telluride thin films were grown on well-cleaned glass substrates by closed space sublimation technique. ZnTe powders having 99.99% purity were used as a precursor. The effect of changing theExpand
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