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OBJECTIVES The key objective for this white paper is to provide an update on progress since we published the first joint-operator white paper on Network Functions Virtualisation in October 2012 and initiated the Network Functions Industry Specification Group (NFV ISG) under the auspices of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). [1] This(More)
The report about the ECCV 2012 Robust Vision Challenge summarized strengths and weaknesses of the winning stereo matcher (Iterative Semi-Global Matching = iSGM). In this paper we discuss whether two variants of a Belief Propagation (BP) matcher can cope better with events such as sun flare or missing temporal consistency, where iSGM showed weaknesses(More)
In a stereo configuration, the measurable disparity values are integral, therefore the measurable depths are discrete. This can create a trap for a safety system whose purpose is to estimate the trajectory of a moving object, and issue an early warning. Accuracy of this estimation is determined by the samples which have different measurable depths. Change(More)
In this article, we have studied the flow and heat transfer in Sisko fluid with convective boundary condition over a nonisothermal stretching sheet. The flow is influenced by non-linearly stretching sheet in the presence of a uniform transverse magnetic field. The partial differential equations governing the problem have been reduced by similarity(More)
The discrete nature of disparities observed by stereo systems results in complex behaviour of speeds measured by them and affects the efficacy of a stereo based driver assistance system. We describe a tool for a safety engineer which permits the safety of these systems to be estimated. It is based on a model which considers the true error in measured(More)
The environment perception and driver assistance (.enpeda..) project searches for solutions for vision-based driver assistance systems (DAS) which are currently starting to be active safety components of cars (e.g., lane departure warning, blind spot supervision). We review current projects in .enpeda.. in the international context of developments in this(More)
The two-dimensional boundary layer flow and heat transfer to Sisko nanofluid over a non-linearly stretching sheet is scrutinized in the concerned study. Our nanofluid model incorporates the influences of the thermophoresis and Brownian motion. The convective boundary conditions are taken into account. Implementation of suitable transformations agreeing with(More)
OBJECTIVES This is a non-proprietary white paper authored by network operators. The key objective for this white paper is to outline the benefits, enablers and challenges for Network Functions Virtualisation (as distinct from Cloud/SDN) and the rationale for encouraging an international collaboration to accelerate development and deployment of interoperable(More)
Screening of mutations that cause β-thalassaemia in the Bangladeshi population led to the identification of a patient with a combination of two rare mutations, Hb Monroe and HBB: -92 C > G. The β-thalassaemia major male individual was transfusion-dependent and had an atypical β-globin gene cluster haplotype. Of the two mutations, Hb Monroe has been(More)
In this study, we have generalized our previous tool for assisting a safety engineer in assessing collision trajectories by extending from colliding objects with constant velocity to more general variable velocity ones. We have also highlighted that a linear system cannot be relied upon for handling a colliding object with variable velocity. To deal with(More)