Wanxu Zhang

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A haze removal method for single image on complex imaging background is proposed. The basic assumption of dark channel prior and the selecting principle of atmospheric light value are studied theoretically, and it is found that the template scale plays a key role in the determination of atmospheric light value and the quality of transmission image, which(More)
Using amplitude weighting instead of phase shifting of radiation emitted by planar array, an algorithm for forming a specific radiation pattern in far-field was proposed, and the formula of calculating amplitude value was derived. As an example, in which the radiation energy was strained in a limited solid angle, the beamforming process was numerically(More)
Several methods of LabVIEW accessing database and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in this paper. The method based on hybrid LabVIEW and C# programming to access SQL server is mainly discussed. Examples prove that this method organically integrates virtual instrument technology, object-oriented programming and database technology. It not only(More)
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