Wanting Zhou

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A novel substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filter with source-load coupling based on low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology is proposed. By introducing mixed coupling into input/ output SIW in middle layer, the filter not only has good selectivity owing to the controllable transmission zeros, but also has a compact size by the virtue of LTCC(More)
In this express, we propose an improved architecture for modulo (2n + 3) multiplication on the condition n ≥ 6. With this architecture, we can design the fastest among all known modulo (2n+3) multipliers. The proposed modulo (2n + 3) multiplier can improve the state-of-art by 3.2% on the average in terms of area and 10.1% on the average in terms of(More)
This paper presents a physics-based engineering approach to estimate the heavy ion induced upset cross section for 6T SRAM cells from layout and technology parameters. The new approach calculates the effects of radiation with junction photocurrent, which is derived based on device physics. The new and simple approach handles the problem by using simple(More)
This paper presents an engineering approach to model photocurrent induced by single event striking on bulk CMOS for deep sub-micron process technology. The photocurrent generated by 1D carrier transport equations is instead of ideal double exponential current model within bias-dependent single-event compact model to analyze the behavior of bulk CMOS being(More)
Based on TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design), single event effect of SRAM is simulated by using mixed-mode simulation module of heavy ion, in which the key NMOS is modeled in 3D for commercial 40 nm technology. Analyzing of the influence of several important heavy ion incidence factors, the linear energy transfer (LET), the incidence location and the(More)
Analysis and classi ̄cation for remote sensing landscape based on remote sensing imagery is a popular research topic. In this paper, we propose a new remote sensing data classi ̄er by incorporating the support vector machine (SVM) learning information into the K-nearest neighbor (KNN) classi ̄er. The SVM is well known for its extraordinary generalization(More)
Achieving high link speed and reliability is a key challenge in Network-on-chip(NoC) design. To address the challenge,, we propose the equalization scheme and the joint equalization technique and special spacing rules solution for improving the communication speed and reliability for NoC links in the paper. The proposed equalizer employs a variable(More)