Wanting Chen

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We carried out metagenomic shotgun sequencing and a metagenome-wide association study (MGWAS) of fecal, dental and salivary samples from a cohort of individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and healthy controls. Concordance was observed between the gut and oral microbiomes, suggesting overlap in the abundance and function of species at different body(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE White matter hyperintensities (WMH) are highly heritable and associated with small artery ischemic stroke, so they may be a useful trait for studying the genetics of small vessel disease. Many studies have attempted to find associations between polymorphisms in various candidate genes and WMH. We aimed to evaluate the evidence for(More)
Genetic studies of human disease have traditionally focused on the detection of disease-causing mutations in afflicted individuals. Here we describe a complementary approach that seeks to identify healthy individuals resilient to highly penetrant forms of genetic childhood disorders. A comprehensive screen of 874 genes in 589,306 genomes led to the(More)
Genome analysis provides a powerful approach to test for evidence of genetic variation within and between geographical regions and local populations. Copy number variants which comprise insertions, deletions and duplications of genomic sequence provide one such convenient and informative source. Here, we investigate copy number variants from genome wide(More)
This research focuses on analyzing selection amplifiers in population genetics. Since the structure of a population graph can influence selection, this paper focuses on finding undirected graphs that can amplify selection. To clearly demonstrate the idea, the paper will briefly discuss the basic Moran model at first. Then it will analyze the star graph as(More)
  • Sijia Sun, Tongrong Deng, Hao Ding, Ying Chen, Wanting Chen
  • Nanomaterials
  • 2017
In order to improve the dispersion of nano-TiO₂ particles and enhance its self-cleaning properties, including photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and surface hydrophilicity, we prepared nano-TiO₂-coated SiO₂ microsphere composite self-cleaning materials (SiO₂-TiO₂) by co-grinding SiO₂ microspheres and TiO₂ soliquid and calcining the ground product. The(More)
Quality assessment of 3D images presents many challenges when attempting to gain better understanding of the human visual system. In this paper, we propose a new 3D image quality prediction approach by simulating receptive fields (RFs) of human visual cortex. To be more specific, we extract the RFs from a complete visual pathway, and calculate their(More)
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