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—An efficient measurement methodology is proposed to construct the scattering parameters of a multi-port device using a four-port vector network analyzer (VNA) without the external un-terminated ports. By using the four-port VNA, the reflected waves from the un-terminated ports could be minimized. The proposed method significantly enhances the accuracy of(More)
In this paper, we present a method to miniaturize electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structure. EBG is used to suppress noise occurred as tons of switching devices switch on and off simultaneously. In the proposed model, slits exist on both power and ground planes of power distribution network (PDN), which is called 3-D EBG due to the geometric configuration.(More)
Probe card is an interface to test the operation of fabricated semiconductor wafer. It connects the test/measurement device to semiconductor wafer by redistributing thousands of signal routes in an appropriate way. In this paper, we measure and simulate the high-frequency transfer characteristics of a MEMs type probe card. By comparison of the simulated and(More)
The college of Information and Communication Engineering covers electrical, electronic and computer engineering which play a pivotal role in today's global industry. The broad, interrelated research fields of the college of Information and Communication Engineering include electrical energy systems, control measuring and automation telecommunication and(More)
As system integration in wireless portable electronic devices has increased significantly, the analysis of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has become important to prevent the malfunction of integrated circuits (ICs). To evaluate the radiative immunity of an integrated circuit, we employ the IEC-standardized IC stripline method. In this paper, we provide(More)
This paper presents several Schmitt trigger logic gates with enhanced noise immunity using variable threshold voltage technique for sub-threshold voltage operation. The proposed logic gates are based on buffer design using dynamic threshold voltage MOS (DTMOS) for low power operation (V<sub>DD</sub>=0.4V). Our solution dramatically improves noise immunity(More)
In this paper, we propose an equivalent electrical circuit model of a 40-pin board-to-FPC (flexible printed cable) connector for high frequency signal transfer characteristics. We fabricated an interface board to be fitted in FPC connector (0.5 mm pitch), which enables probing to measure signal transfer characteristics of 40-pin FPC connector. When(More)
In this paper, we propose an EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) reduction technique by employing a conductive connection between frames. Several cconductors were used to connect two frames, which might provide another return path of signal current loop, and reduce the DM (Differential Mode) radiation from the cable. To prove the effectiveness of the(More)