Wanqing Wu

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In this study, a flexible wireless body area network (WBAN) node platform has been designed and implemented based on the Zigbee technology. In order to provide wide range WBAN for health monitoring, a Zigbee/Internet Gateway (ZiGW) has also been developed rather than using a PDA or a host PC to connect different WBANs by using the Internet as the(More)
BACKGROUND Human life can be further improved if diseases and disorders can be predicted before they become dangerous, by correctly recognizing signals from the human body, so in order to make disease detection more precise, various body-signals need to be measured simultaneously in a synchronized manner. OBJECT This research aims at developing an(More)
Distributed programs are often instrumented for collecting information to assist in analyzing the behavior of an application. However, the act of monitoring a process introduces intrusive overhead that delays the times at which actions occur in a monitored execution in comparison to the times at which they occur in an unmonitored execution. These delays can(More)
This paper presents on-line perturbation tracking and intrusion removal techniques which are designed to accommodate delays which occur due to monitoring activities. These accommodations eliminate the effect of monitoring intrusion on the execution behavior and the scheduling of the monitored computation. By maintaining an adjusted time view, the intrusion(More)
The development of a distributed application that exhibits both desired functionality as well as performance is a complex task. Therefore the construction of monitoring tools to assist in the development of complex distributed applications is of great practical significance. Monitoring tools can be used to observe the behavior and fine tune the performance(More)
Body Sensor Network (BSN) is a network of several associated sensor nodes on, inside or around the human body to monitor vital signals, such as, Electroencephalogram (EEG), Photoplethysmography (PPG), Electrocardiogram (ECG), etc. Each sensor node in BSN delivers major information; therefore, it is very significant to provide data confidentiality and(More)
Currently considerable research is being directed toward developing methodologies for controlling emotion or releasing stress. An applied branch of the basic field of psychophysiology, known as biofeedback, has been developed to fulfill clinical and non-clinical needs related to such control. Wearable medical devices have permitted unobtrusive monitoring of(More)