Wanping P Zhu

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OBJECTIVE Conduct basic research of the distribution pattern of skin temperature and estimate the wound depth in normal Chinese in the early stage of burn injury by using technical thermography. METHODS (1) Two hundred twenty-three volunteers from the electrical power system were randomly chosen: 138 males and 85 females, mean age 42.5 +/- 8.8, and mean(More)
Continuum mechanics predicts that the propagation speed of non-equilibrium information in solids is limited by the longitudinal wave speed, so is crack propagation. However, solids are essentially discrete systems. In this paper, via theoretical analysis and numerical simulations, it is demonstrated in a straightforward way that nonequilibrium disturbance(More)
Influenza is a major respiratory infection associated with significant morbidity in the general population and mortality in elderly and high-risk patients. It is an RNA virus that contains two major surface glycoproteins, neuraminidase and hemagglutinin. These proteins are essential for infection. Neuraminidase has been found to be a potential target to(More)
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