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This study was conducted to evaluate the different serum triglyceride and cholesterol-lowering effects of five kinds of dietary fiber diet in experimental rats. Source and percentage of dietary fiber in five experimental diets were 2.86 from unpolished rice, mung bean, sweet corn and nata de coco in diet 1 and 2, 7.76 from apple pectin in diet 3, 10.39 from(More)
The feeding of stock diet to different ages, four, eight and twelve months of, rats (Sprague – Dawley) showed that serum cholesterol level of 19 female rats was statistically significant difference at 5 % level among three ages 85.42, 112.11, 122.21 mg/dl in four, eight and twelve months rats respectively. In 14 male rats, the results showed that serum(More)
The purpose of this research was to increase the calcium (Ca) content of textured vegetable protein (TVP) by fortifying with 0.4% calcium carbonate or 0.3% calcium chloride and to compare the calcium bioavailability using rats. The calcium bioavailability was determined in terms of the calcium retention, absorption and intake in the bone and serum levels of(More)
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