Wannes Keulemans

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The use of hyperspectral approaches for early detection of plant stress caused by Venturia inaequalis (apple scab) was investigated to move towards more efficient and reduced application of pesticides, fertilizers or other crop management treatments in apple orchards. Apple leaves of the resistant cultivar,Rewena and the susceptible cultivar,Braeburn, were(More)
Scab resistance is one of the most important goals of apple breeding, typically achieved by time-consuming and expensive conventional breeding techniques. Cisgenesis, which is the genetic modification of a recipient organism with genes from a crossable—sexually compatible—organism, is a promising tool for plant breeding to develop disease resistance in a(More)
The potential yield of (capital)-intensive multi-annual crops (e.g., fruit) is seldom harvested in reality. A targeted monitoring and modelling of the growth processes in such agricultural production systems could enable an early detection and treatment of production limiting factors, thereby optimising yield. In Belgium, as in all temperate regions, scab(More)
Honey bees (Apis mellifera) are the most economically valuable pollinators of fruit crops worldwide. Taking into account bees' contributions to other flowering agricultural crops, about one-third of our total diet comes directly or indirectly from bee-pollinated plants. However, in recent years there increasingly have been worrisome alarm sounds on serious(More)
The impact of treatments aimed at improving the robustness of protocols for the analysis of carotenoids in fruit of banana and plantain were examined. Neither the inclusion of polyvinylpolypyrrolidine in the extraction buffer, nor vigorous homogenisation with glass beads influenced recoveries or chromatographic profiles. By contrast, heating lead to losses(More)
This study represents a systematic evaluation of protocols for protein extraction and cleanup for fruit proteomic analysis. Procedures were optimized using pooled lyophilized banana fruit pulp, which is known to be particularly tricky due to high concentrations of soluble polysaccharides, phenolics, and other substances that interfere with protein(More)
In this review paper applications of Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in agro-food analysis is discussed. NIR spectrometers have a wider application use in agro-food industry and many fields. In agro-food industry application includes pesticide residue detection, chemical detection, microbiological hazard detection, physical hazards detection and food(More)
Scab is one of the key parasites in fruit growth. In favourable weather conditions for the pathogen, a complete harvest can be destroyed if no control measurements are undertaken. The scab fungi on pear and apple are two distinct species. They have, however, a similar biological cycle. Despite the similarities, there are also clear differences and these(More)
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