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In the protocol conformance testing, many existing test methods can effectively detect the possible faults of the implementation under test. However, it is difficult to diagnose the found faults in terms of the test results. This paper presents a diagnosable input/output (DIO) sequence, to differentiate a state from other states under a given condition. We(More)
With the fast development of Internet and wireless technology, the Mobile Internet Age is upcoming. From the view of ISP (Internet Service Provider), current mobile IP protocol is insufficient for mobile Internet service. A secure mobile IPv6 network access system is highly needed for mobile IPv6 deployment. Current methods and systems are still inadequate,(More)
We develop a remote monitoring system on environmental quality of Heihe river basin. The system consists of client and server, client is responsible for collecting data. We use multi-thread approach to develop server software, realizing online monitoring of sensor device, data management and log management and so on. Server uses Socket programming to(More)
The converge cast traffic pattern ???many-to-one data communication??? of wireless sensor networks leads to high load at nodes that are aggregating data. Therefore, we need to distribute the entire traffic load by deploying multiple data collectors and each node should select a collector node to access. Additionally, with the progress of IPv6-based wireless(More)
The domain name system (DNS) is one of the most basic Internet infrastructures. Therefore, the IPv6 conformance testing is very necessary for accelerating the deployment of IPv6. This paper proposes a conformance testing framework for IPv6 DNS, in terms of the features of IPv6 DNS specifications. This framework employs the extended finite state machine(More)
The Heihe Watershed Allied Telemetry Experimental Research (HiWATER) is a significant research project that performs airborne, satellite-borne and ground based remote sensing experiments at various scales by coordinating interdisciplinary researchers from different institutions and projects. Therefore, in order to discover, access and process sensors within(More)