Wanli Zheng

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An electrochemical aptasensor for trace detection of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) was developed by using an aptamer as the recognition unit while adopting the telomerase and EXO III based two-round signal amplification strategy as the signal enhancement units. The telomerase amplification was used to elongate the ssDNA probes on the surface of gold nanoparticles, by(More)
In this article, we report the detection of ochratoxin A (OTA) with excellent sensitivity with the two-aspect signal amplification treatments. Combining the unique property of magnetic nanoparticles and the high efficiency of the in vitro amplification of rolling circular amplification (RCA), the competitive sensing protocol for ultrasensitive detection of(More)
ReLiabiLity is one of the most important performances of CNC machine tools. Precision exceeding tolerance is a special kind of faults different with general faults considered usually. This type of faults may cause large loss for users because of the loss of machining precision. To predict the precision and its reLiabiLity of machine tools in the design(More)
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