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Based on the postbuckling theory of large deflection beams, the nonlinear stiffness of a postbuckling beam is deduced and in agreement with the results of buckling experiments. Then, a novel post machined threshold accelerometer is designed, which consists of eight oblique post beams with an inertial mass in the middle to ensure its single moving direction(More)
Printable and flexible Cu-Ag alloy electrodes with high conductivity and ultrahigh oxidation resistance have been successfully fabricated by using a newly developed Cu-Ag hybrid ink and a simple fabrication process consisting of low-temperature precuring followed by rapid photonic sintering (LTRS). A special Ag nanoparticle shell on a Cu core structure is(More)
Silver nanowire (AgNW) has showed strong potential as a great alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) film in the fabrication of transparent conductive electrode (TCE) and it especially satisfies the requirements of flexible and printable electronics. To relieve the corrosion of bare AgNWs and improve the long-term stability of AgNW-based electrodes, using(More)
This paper investigates market reactions to events that listed firms purchase assets of large shareholders by private placements, and determinants result in market reactions. We use an event study analysis and a two-stage least squares approach to demonstrate whether the market responds to event and what cause the reactions. The results show that: first,(More)
Based on the endogeneity of the ownership structure, this paper uses panel data to show the dynamic effect of Chinese Listed Companies' cash dividend distribution behavior on the shareholders’ balance mechanism. We find minority shareholders don't perceive cash dividends, at least normal level of dividends, as controlling shareholder's expropriation(More)
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