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Chemotherapy is an important therapeutic option for most cancer patients; however, one major obstacle is the occurrence of drug resistance which usually leads to failure of the chemotherapy. Emerging evidence suggests that there are intricate links between epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-type cells and drug resistance in tumors. The process of drug(More)
BACKGROUND A Chinese herbal formula, Yi-Qi-Fu-Sheng (YQFS), has long been employed clinically to treat cancer patients. We aimed to determine its effectiveness as a treatment method for colorectal cancer. We investigated the therapeutic effects of YQFS on colorectal cancer, as well as the underlying mechanisms, which have not previously been explored. (More)
In a previous study, we demonstrated that Tanshinone IIA effectively inhibits CRC angiogenesis in vivo, but the underlying mechanisms were not elucidated. In this report, we describe experiments in which HIF-1α levels were manipulated to probe the effect of hypoxia on CRC cell angiogenesis. We studied the effects of Tan IIA on CRC pro-angiogenic factor and(More)
Systems biology and bioinformatics provide the feasibility for the basic research associated with "same traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndrome in different diseases". In this study, the plasma proteins in postoperative colorectal (PCC) and postoperative liver cancer (PLC) patients with YDLKS (Yin deficiency of liver-kidney syndrome) were screened out(More)
JPJD was an ideal alternative traditional Chinese medicine compound in the prevention and treatment of CRC, but its underlying mechanisms has not been fully elucidated. In this study, we demonstrated in vitro that TGF-β-induced EMT promoted the invasion and metastasis of CRC cells, reduced the expression of E-cadherin, and elevated the expression of(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional Uighur medicine shares an origin with Greco-Arab medicine. It describes the health of a human body as the dynamic homeostasis of four normal Hilits (humours), known as Kan, Phlegm, Safra, and Savda. An abnormal change in one Hilit may cause imbalance among the Hilits, leading to the development of a syndrome. Abnormal Savda is a major(More)
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