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A total of 39 xylose-utilizing yeast strains were isolated from herbivore faeces in Thailand. They were identified as Candida tropicalis (32 isolates), Candida albicans (1 isolate), Pichia terricola (1 isolate), Trichosporon mycotoxinivorans (2 isolates), Sporopachydermia lactativora (2 isolates) and Zygoascus meyerae (1 isolate) based on their(More)
Twenty-eight xylose-utilizing yeast strains were isolated by enrichment culture from 11 samples of feces from the rectum of Murrah buffalo and Swamp buffalo in Thailand. On the basis of their morphological and biochemical characteristics, including sequence analysis of the D1/D2 region of the large-subunit ribosomal RNA gene (LSU rDNA), they were identified(More)
A cellulolytic bacterium, strain P2-1(T), isolated from soil in Thailand, was characterized using a taxonomic approach based on phenotypic and chemotaxonomic characteristics and the 16S rRNA gene sequence. The novel strain was Gram-positive, facultatively anaerobic, spore-forming and rod-shaped. It contained meso-diaminopimelic as the diagnostic diamino(More)
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