Wanjun Lan

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G2A (from G2 accumulation) receptor is a member of the proton-sensing G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) family and induces signal transduction events that regulate the cell cycle, proliferation, oncogenesis, and immunity. The mechanism by which G2A-mediated signal transduction is regulated by the extracellular pH remains unresolved. Here, we first visualize(More)
Oxalate oxidase (OxOx), a well known enzyme catalyzes the cleavage of oxalate to carbon dioxide with reduction of dioxygen to hydrogen peroxide, however its catalytic process is not well understood. To define the substrate binding site, interaction of Fe3+ ions with OxOx was systemically investigated using biochemical method, circular dichrosim(More)
[PSI(+)] phenotype can be transiently induced when Magnesium chloride (MgCl(2)) was the selective pressure in SUP35 repeat-expansion mutant [psi(-)] yeast strains. We further investigated [PSI(+)] phenotype change under different MgCl(2) conditions with native Sup35p and quantified the Sup35p status changes with fluorescence recovery after photobleaching(More)
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