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This study confirmed the oral anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antihistamine properties of mature fresh leaves (MFL) of Vitex negundo L. (Verbenaceae) claimed in the Ayurveda medicine by orally treating a water extract of the leaves to rats. The early phase (2h) of carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema was significantly (P<0.01) suppressed in an inversely(More)
AIM To evaluate the aphrodisiac potential of Tenminalia catappa Linn. seeds using a suspension of its kernel (SS) in 1% methyl cellulose in rats. METHODS Male rats were orally treated with 1,500 mg/kg or 3,000 mg/kg SS or vehicle, and their sexual behaviour was monitored 3 h later using a receptive female. Another group of rats was orally treated with(More)
Testosterone concentrations were measured in blood samples collected weekly over a 5 year period from six adult (19-40 year old) male Asian elephants (Elephas maximus maximus) living in captivity in Sri Lanka (7 degrees N), to investigate the relationship between androgen secretion and the occurrence of musth (temporal gland secretion, drip urination and(More)
Icon is a water miscible type II synthetic pyrethroid insecticide based on active ingredient lambda cyhalothrin (10% w/w). It is used in Sri Lanka as an adulticidal indoor spray against malaria vector mosquitoes. The goal of this study was to assess the effects of Icon on pregnancy outcome of rats when exposed during early pregnancy (days 1-7). Icon was(More)
AIM In Sri Lankan traditional medicine black tea brew (BTB) of Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze (Theaceae) is claimed to have male sexual stimulant activity. As this claim is not scientifically tested and proven, this study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of BTB on male sexual competence. MATERIAL AND METHODS Different doses of BTB made from Sri(More)
This study examined the antifertility effects of tamsulosin, a highly potent and a selective, alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist, on male rats. The drug was administered subcutaneously as a single dose (0.15 mg kg-1). The drug caused a significant reduction in fertility (measured by number of uterine implants, quantal pregnancy, and fertility index). The(More)
Leaves of Piper betle (Piperaceae) possess several bioactivities and are used in traditional medicinal systems. However, its antidiabetic activity has not been scientifically investigated so far. The aim of this study therefore, was to investigate the antidiabetic activity of Piper betle leaves. This was tested in normoglycaemic and strepozotocin(More)
AIM To determine the effect of a methanolic extract of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal roots on sexual competence of male rats. METHODS Male rats were orally administered 3000 mg.kg-1.day-1 of root extract for 7 days. Their sexual behaviour was evaluated 7 days prior to treatment, day 3 and 7 of treatment, and day 7, 14 and 30 post-treatment by pairing each(More)
Adult male rats were treated with ethane dimethanesulphonate (EDS) to destroy the Leydig cells and were then supplemented for 3-10 weeks with testosterone esters (TE) by injection every 3 days. The latter treatment prevented Leydig cell regeneration but maintained quantitatively the androgen-dependent aspects of spermatogenesis, as judged by germ cell(More)