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Yang and Qiu proposed an expected utility-entropy (EU-E) measure of risk, which reflects an individual’s intuitive attitude toward risk. Luce et al. have derived the numerical representations under behavioral axioms about preference orderings among gambles and their joint receipt, which further demonstrates the reasonability of the EU-E decision model as a(More)
l a Abstract: To manage a new product development process is difficult because of the coupled tasks. Design structure matrix (DSM) is an effective tool to resolve this problem. The early research on DSM describes the tasks’ relationships by Boolean sign, and the focus of further research is how to measure the coupled strength and how to sequence the coupled(More)
A series of emergency management mechanism have been developed to handle the emergency incidents. The information management system is the core of the mechanism. The information management system of project must combine normal condition with emergency condition. It is used in normal command, scheduler and information feedback in the case of normal(More)
This paper presents a model to describe the dynamic trading process in limit order book. By studying the dynamic pattern of execution probabilities of limit orders with both time and the depth of limit order book, the authors conclude with the following properties: Arrival rates of market buy orders increase as the depth of buy queue in the book increases(More)
This paper attempts to emergency management information system in the general theoretical laws of information dissemination were discussed. Which relate to: the definitions of emergency management information system, communication system characteristics, elements, patterns, communication flow, transmission chain. Finally, give the method of emergency(More)
Usually, there are different objectives and units of measurement related to technique, cost and time in R&D process, which make it more complicated to select R&D methods, let alone decision making with comprehensive consideration of the balance among them. The theory of multi-objective programming, mixed integer programming and critical path is(More)