Wangyang Yu

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E-commerce and online shopping with a third-party payment platform have rapidly developed recently, and encountered many fault tolerance and security problems concerned by users. The causes of these problems include malicious behavior and imperfect business processes. The latter lead to the emergence of security vulnerabilities and loss of user funds which(More)
E-commerce business process nets (EBPNs) are a novel formal model for describing and validating e-commerce systems including interactive parties such as shopper, merchant, and third-party payment platform. Data errors and nondeterminacy of the data states during the trading process can be depicted with the help of EBPNs. However, the problem about how to(More)
Due to the continued growth threat in Phishing, a kind of stable identity authentication method is highly needed based on individual characteristics just like browsing behaviors. Most of the existing researches focused on browsing behavior patterns of group users are used in personal recommendation, website structure optimization or web prediction. In order(More)
Recently, online shopping integrating third-party payment platforms (TPPs) introduces new security challenges due to complex interactions between Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Merchants and TPPs. Malicious clients may exploit security vulnerabilities by calling APIs in an arbitrary order or playing various roles. To deal with the security(More)
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