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Graphene oxide-wrapped amorphous copper vanadium oxide is fabricated through a template-engaged redox reaction followed by vacuum dehydration. This material exhibits high reversible capacity, excellent rate capability, and out standing high-rate cyclability. The outstanding performance is attributed to the fast capacitive charge storage and the in situ(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for 3D multi moving object detection based on scene flow. Scene flow is solved by using the variational method. Datasets are captured by the stereo vision camera systems. Energy function consists of two parts — data term and smooth term. Data term includes the gray and gradient constancy assumption. Smooth term(More)
We present a modified joint trilateral filter based method for depth map refinement. Seeded region growing algorithm and Euclidean distance transform(EDT) are involved for error pixels extraction. With the error information wiped out, a joint trilateral filter method is employed as a hole filling strategy to fill the values. Compared to the basic bilateral(More)
A 3D motion detection method based on RGB-D data and scene flow clustering is proposed in this paper. The 3D extension of the optical flow called scene flow which describes the 3D motion of every point in a scene between two consecutive frames. Firstly, we estimate the scene flow using color maps and the aligned depth maps in two consecutive frames, then(More)
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