Wangsheng Lu

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To assess the clinical usefulness, accuracy, and safety of telemanipulation for frameless stereotactic surgery using the CAS-BH5 robot system, we prospectively evaluated 10 patients (age: 5-79 years; mean: 44 years) who underwent telemanipulation frameless stereotactic operations from September to December 2005. The CAS-BH5 robot system consists of three(More)
TIMPs and PTEN are known to be inhibitors of the invasive activities of malignant glioma. But there has been no literature reported concerning the effect of combined gene transfer of these two genes on invasiveness of glioma. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of adenovirus-mediated in vitro gene transfer of tissue inhibitor of(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, robotic systems have been introduced as a useful method for surgical procedures. But in the field of vascular interventional therapy, the development of robotic system is slower. OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to verify the reliability and safety of vascular interventional robotic system used in angiography, by the way of in(More)
With the development of various imaging techniques, the deformation-based morphometry (DBM) method provides an objective automatic examination of the whole brain. This study aims to assess the abnormalities in the brains of first-episode schizophrenia (FES) patients treated with quetiapine using another advanced nonrigid registration method, hierarchical(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study aims to investigate the regional changes in the early onset of blindness using the deformation-based morphometry (DBM) method. METHODS A total of 15 early blindness and 30 gender- and age-matched sighted control subjects were recruited for the study. Statistically significant changes in regional volume were analyzed using(More)
Schizophrenia is a common psychiatric disease with brain connectivity changed. Nowadays brain network has become an effective tool to detect the abnormal brain connectivity in patients. Compared with studies focused on functional and white matter connectivity, the research of grey matter connectivity is relatively less and should be paid more attention. The(More)
01 The application value of three-dimensional rotational angiography of intracranial micro-aneurysms in diagnosis and treatment Shaoqing Wang, Xiancun Yang, Meixia Su, Qiang Liu Department of MRI, Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute Affiliated to Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, 250021, People's Republic of China; Department of Interventional(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the feasibility and safety of the vascular interventional vascular interventional surgical robot system applied to vascular interventional operation. METHODS From March to September 2013, 10 patients had undergone robot-assisted cerebral angiography. There were 6 male and 4 female patients; aged from 19 to 58 years, with an average age(More)
Thalamic segmentation serves an important function in localizing targets for deep brain stimulation (DBS). However, thalamic nuclei are still difficult to identify clearly from structural MRI. In this study, an improved algorithm based on the fuzzy connectedness framework was developed. Three-dimensional T1-weighted images in axial orientation were acquired(More)
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