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It has been recognized that other than habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation, the infection of the roundworm Baylisascaris schroederi (B. schroederi) is one of the major causes of death in wild giant pandas. However, the prevalence and intensity of the parasite infection has been inconsistently reported through a method that uses(More)
For the Time Delay Integration (TDI) staggered line-scanning thermal infrared imager, a Computational Imaging (CI) approach is developed to achieve higher spatial resolution images. After a thorough analysis of the causes of non-uniform image displacement and degradation for multi-channel staggered TDI arrays, the study aims to approach one-dimensional (1D)(More)
Based on incoherent optical synthetic aperture, a super-resolution reconstruction method is proposed with pixel-wise phase correlation superposition and sparse a priori constraints deconvolution. A "full spatial-frequency" image is synthesized from multiview low resolution images captured from successive exposures of a single focus plane array with(More)
Imperfection of remote sensing data greatly affects the performance of information fusion algorithm. To solve this problem, a Gaussian kernel-based Fuzzy Rough Set fusion algorithm is proposed, since Fuzzy Rough Set theory is an effect tool to model uncertainties of data. For feature reduction a novel index is proposed to evaluate the significance of(More)
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