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The fertile and sterile plants were derived from the self-pollinated offspring of the F1 hybrid between the novel restorer line NR1 and the Nsa CMS line in Brassica napus. To elucidate gene expression and regulation caused by the A and C subgenomes of B. napus, as well as the alien chromosome and cytoplasm from Sinapis arvensis during the development of(More)
Using the stochastic frontier production function and the decomposition method of total factor productivity made by Kunbhakar, this paper studies the total factor productivity of China¡s steel industry during 1981-2003. The result indicates: Capital and TFP play more important roles for output growth while the contribution of labor input is negative.(More)
  • Wanghui Liu
  • 2010 International Conference on Logistics…
  • 2010
Due to the rapidly rising ratio of dependence on foreign trade, China's economic growth risk is increasing continuously. This paper analyzes the effect of widening gap of income distribution in china by establishing a simple and applicable theoretical model. The widening gap of income distribution results in shortage of domestic demand, speedy increasing of(More)
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