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Image recognition is a hot spot of computer sciences. In this paper, firstly, we propose some ideas of syntax recognition, and discuss the DNA algorithm for pattern recognition of image with an example of isosceles triangle. Then, we propose a DNA algorithm of recognizing isosceles triangle. We also give out its DNA computer and design the detailed DNA(More)
In this paper, a genetic neural network classification model is developed. The proposed model can not only optimize the weights and thresholds of neural network, but also reduce network size by identifying the feature subset effectively using genetic algorithm. This technique is aimed at finding out a network that is large enough to capture the accurate(More)
In order to solve the problem with being easily trapped in a local optimum of back propagation neural network (BPNN) and the premature convergence based on standard genetic algorithm (SGA), a dynamic and adaptive model which combines the modified genetic algorithm (MGA) with BPNN is proposed in this paper. By introducing modified genetic operators and(More)
There are limits to miniaturization with current computer technologies. Information-processing capabilities of organic molecules such as DNA can be used in computers to replace digital switching modality. However, without the emergence of microfluidic devices, all operations in vitro would be user regulated. A more advanced model is where robotic and(More)
The set covering question is NP-Hard problem on optimized combination. In this paper, we presented Simplifying and Selecting-Excellence Algorithm (SSE) based on the strategy. The main ideas of it: Before a most possible set was chosen, the set covering problem was simplified and the necessary sets were chosen. The obtained solution is more approximate to(More)
Resource management is one of the main issues in Cloud Computing. In order to improve resource utilization of large Data Centers while delivering services with higher QoS to Cloud Clients, an automatic resource allocation strategy based on market Mechanism (ARAS-M) is proposed. Firstly, the architecture and the market model of ARAS-M are constructed, in(More)
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