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DDTs Pollution of Shallow Groundwater in an Agricultural Area in South Jiangsu
DDTs pollution of shallow groundwater in a certain agricultural area in South Jiangsu was investigated and characterized.It was found that the highest DDTs concentration detected was 1.04 μg·L-1 andExpand
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Current research on the systematics of cockroaches (Blattaria) worldwide.
This paper addresses cockroach systematics from four perspectives: the current higher taxanomic hierarchy, status of species descriptions and revisions, taxonomic methods and phylogenetic study, andExpand
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Synthesis and Characterization of N,N'-bis(6-aminohexyl) terephthalamide on Bismaleimide
A new diamine,N,N'-bis(6-aminohexyl) terephthalamide(BAHTPA),was synthesized from dimethyl terephthalate and 1,6-hexylenediamime.Further more,a new chain-extended bismaleimide(BAHTPA BMI) wasExpand
Experimental study on feasibility of prevention of Tetradacus citri Chen through resonating acoustic technique.
A reasonable value of 55 Hz for the natural frequency of Tetradacus citri Chen was obtained by using ANSYS,a large simulation software.A comparative study on the effects of resonating acoustic waveExpand
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A Security E-mail System Based on Encrypt & Signature
This paper proposes a resist receiver deny protocol which can be used in security E-Mail, and it is easy to realize it. Expand
One new oriental species and one new record of Neoloboptera Princis (Blattaria: Blattellidae) from China.
In the present paper, Neoloboptera Princis is reviewed and one new species, Neoloboptera choui Che, sp. nov., and one new record species, N. reesei Roth, are described and illustrated. All typeExpand
Surgery for Simultaneous Bilateral Femoral Shaft Fractures
Objective: To assess the optimal operation methods of simultaneous bilateral femoral shaft fractures (SBFSF) after severe trauma. Methods: 26 patients with SBFSF were assigned to two operative groupsExpand