Wang Zong Jiang

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A Java-based teleradiology system that makes use of the Internet has been developed. Using this system, an on-call, off-duty radiologist can make diagnoses and perform consultations easily by reviewing the transferred images at home. The image accessibility of the system allows a hospital with such a system to assist an affiliated rural hospital without a(More)
Although some cloud providers look at the hybrid cloud as blasphemy, there are strong reasons for them to adopt it. Hybrid clouds offer the cost and scale benefits of public clouds while also offering the security and control of private clouds. Task scheduling, one of the most famous combinational optimization problems, plays a key role in the hybrid cloud(More)
  • 2010
Service des bibliothèques Avertissement La diffusion de ce mémoire se fait dans le respect des droits de son auteur, qui a signé le formulaire Autorisation de reproduire et de diffuser un travail de recherche de cycles supérieurs (SDU-522-Rév.01-2006). Cette autorisation stipule que «conformément à l'article 11 du Règlement no 8 des études de cycles(More)
A strapdown guidance system for low-cost precise guided munitions is presented using strapdown small field-of-view (FOV) seeker and miniature inertial measurement unit (MIMU). The three-dimension line-of-sight (LOS) dynamics are described using the missile-target geometric transformation. Due to the weakness of strapdown seeker, a hybrid differentiator is(More)
—Under the incomplete measurement situation, how to get a smoothing trajectory with high precision is an important problem. In this article, a fusion method based on the Error Model Best Estimate of Trajectory (EMBET) algorithm is proposed to handle the incomplete measurement problem by using a sparse representation model for trajectory of reentry target.(More)
Objective: To explore the prognostic factors of postoperative incisional surgical site infections (I-SSI) for colorectal cancer. Methods: Clinical data of 2 385 colorectal cancer patients undergoing resection by the same surgical team in Department of Colon and Rectum Surgery, Fujian Medical University Union Hospital from January 2000 to February 2014 was(More)
The purpose for Industrial technology diffusion is to make a new technology to realize its value, to expend the technology to other industries, enterprises or areas, to promote industrial structure and economic development. Industrial technology diffusion mechanisms are rules, mechanisms and systems to introduce, absorb, imitate, improve, and expand the(More)
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