Wang Zhuoyuan

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In this paper, we proposed a real-time algorithm to detect and track the target circle based on region growing and accurately locating by multi-resolution. The proposed algorithm consists of edge detecting, region growing, the possible centre of circle estimating and the centre of circle accurate locating in turn. Firstly, we use Prewitt operator to form(More)
In order to better study and reveal the discharge mechanism and evolution of the dielectric barrier plasma generator, in this paper, the discharge in atmospheric argon is simulated by 2D numerical method. From the discharge particle chemical reaction of Ar and Ars electronic, it can be obtained that the relationship between the particle concentration change(More)
Due to the difficult and abstract concepts, learning the electromagnetic concepts at initial levels of Telecommunication Engineering degrees has been considered a difficult task by students. One of the solution is to provide the students intuitive understanding on the fundamentals of the Electromagnetism through the virtual laboratory technology on(More)
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