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Negotiation Model of Design Optimization Profit Distribution with Fairness Concerns in Construction Projects
The experimental scenarios results show that the appropriate behavior of fairness concerns by the two negotiators is valuable in improving their own advantages, which may lead to an increase in the negotiation cycle, which is not beneficial in attaining optimization.
Grey relational grade decision model for selection of project delivery system
A decision- making model for the selection of project delivery system which is based on information entropy and grey relational grade analysis is proposed, which provides an effective way for the owners to select an appropriate delivery system for their project in the uncertainty condition.
Multi-resource leveling based on entropy and fuzzy comprehensive selection relation
Resource leveling optimization with fixed project duration is one classic problem but also hard to solve. It becomes more difficult when multiple resources are considered. According to the defects
Application of self-adaptive ant colony optimization for real estate portfolio based on risk preference coefficient
Optimization of real estate portfolio is to select two or more different types of real estate for investment, and the previous models based on expected return-variance cannot meet the needs of the
Management system analysis of water resources dispatch for Haihe River Basin after operation of South-to-North Water Diversion Project
A new organizational structure for the management of water resources dispatch in Haihe River Basin is re-established by analyzing the characteristics and elements of its water resources dispatch
Research on Evaluation System for Project Success
Results indicated that the evaluation value could be divided into six regions and the regions could be generalized as four types, they are optimization region, permissible region, improvement needed region and impermissible regions.
Bid Evaluation Research of Construction Project Based on Two-Stage Entropy Weight
This paper defines the evaluation index system of construction project first, on this basis, uses the Two-stage Entropy Weight method to determine the weight, thus avoids the faults of expert grading
Research of fuzzy evaluation of construction enterprise competitiveness based on rough set
Combining with the characteristics of the construction enterprise, this paper establishes the construction enterprise competitiveness evaluation index system on the basis of the analysis of the
Survey on Development of Construction Project Transaction Mode
After systematically reviewing the development process of construction project transaction mode in our country, owners' management and project delivery system used in our country are discussed, and