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AUV-aided communication method for underwater mobile sensor network
Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) are getting growing interest because of wide-range applications. However, the underwater acoustic communication technology is constrained by the nodes'Expand
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Design of wall-climbing robot
Based on the working circumstance and properties of wall-climbing robot, some demands for performances of the robot are provided. According to these demands, the structure and the transmissionExpand
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Hierarchical Object-Oriented Petri Net Modeling Method Based on Ontology
This paper presents a Hierarchical Object-Oriented Petri Net (HOOPN) modeling method based on Ontology that should not only enable sharing Petri nets models on the Semantic Web but also present aExpand
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Blind angle elimination method in weak signal detection with Duffing oscillator and construction of detection statistics
Aiming at the blind angle in detecting weak signals of the same frequency by Duffing oscillator, a novel method of dephasing for the driving signals is proposed to eliminate the blind angle.Expand
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Application of leaky coaxial cable in subway mobile communication system
Aiming at the particularity of subway mobile communication system, a new kind of leaky coaxial cable is designed, and the characteristics of the communication system involves leaky coaxial cable areExpand
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An arctangent approach for PGC demodulation of optic-fiber hydrophones
The principles of the DCM approach and arctangent approach based on PGC demodulation were described.The criteria for selection of the amplitude of carrier signals were discussed in detail.InExpand
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Study on Completion Probability with PERT for Hydropower Construction
The limitation of the PERT in the planning of construction schedule is studied for two cases, where there are several critical paths, or the sub critical path is close to the critical path. TheExpand
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An efficient timing synchronization scheme for asymmetrically clipped optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems using implicit training
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) can effectively improve the information transfer speed and has the robustness for multipath dispersion. OFDM is a promising technology for opticalExpand
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Studies on Soft-sensor Modeling for the Quality Index of Cement Clinker
Aiming at the measure of cement clinker quality index,a soft-sensor modeling method is presented based on least square support vector machine(LSSVM).Then a data preprocessing method is proposed basedExpand
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