Wang Zhong-sheng

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To further improve the localization accuracy for nodes in wireless sensor network, this paper proposes an improved range-based localization algorithm in wireless sensor network. Firstly, some anchor nodes are optimized and chosen. Then optimized anchor nodes databases are created using those optimized anchor nodes. Secondly, the distance, which between(More)
In this paper, the state feedback control based on the incremental function observer combined with the conventional PID control scheme for big capacity power unit is presented. It is designed in the distributed control system (DCS) EDPF-NT which is a new type of DCS developed by Electric Power Research Institute of China. It is useful for the coordinated(More)
This paper proposes a solution of filtering garbage information, in order to solve the problem of dynamic delivery of documents. The solution balances the technique of Black and White List Spam Filtering, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of and Bayesian Algorithm. It creates the Bayesian Model based on the analysis of probability distributions of(More)
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