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To evaluate the accuracy ofisoelectric point determination by capillary isoelectric focusing, the pI values of nine proteins and a peptide, the pI values of which had been determined by other methods and ranging pI 3.55-9.60, were determined by capillary isoelectric focusing by cofocusing of recently developed peptide pI markers ranging 3.38-10.17, and the(More)
Based on supercell lattice method, a novel full vector model is presented to analyze the photonic crystal fibers (PCF). From symmetry analysis of modes of a waveguide, we classify the modes of PCF into nondegenerate or degenerate pairs according to the minimum waveguide sectors and its appropriate boundary conditions. We present the modes of PCF can be(More)
A supercell lattice method, believed to be novel, deduced from the plane-wave expansion method and the localized basis function method, is presented for analyzing photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). The electric field is decomposed by use of Hermite-Gaussian functions, and the dielectric constant of PCFs missing a central air hole is considered as the sum of(More)
Due to the asymmetry of the structure, the traditional three-phase three-leg inverters produce huge amount of common-mode (CM) voltage and CM current. This paper introduces the theory of reducing CM interferences by using the three-phase four-leg structure and the SPWM control strategy of carrier phase shifting which is applied on the purpose of balance in(More)
We investigated the modal properties of complex refractive-index core photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) with the supercell model. The validity of the approach is shown when we compare our results with those reported earlier on a step complex refractive-index profile. The imaginary part of the electric field results in wave-front distortion in the complex(More)
Growing demand for an efficient land use above and below the ground is motivating cadastre and land management systems to move from traditional 2D systems toward three dimensional ones. Airborne laser technology offers direct acquisition of dense and accurate 3D data. In order to get 3D road this paper proposes a hierarchical algorithm to extract terrain(More)
A hybrid control scheme is proposed which combines the intelligent sliding mode control and vibration control. Considering the movement of flexible and rotating parts imposes large disturbances on the satellite, and affects the pointing accuracy and stability of attitude, a sliding mode controller is used to eliminate attitude error and ensure system(More)
Getting to know the details of plants growing around us is of great importance medicinally and economically. Conventionally, plants are categorized mainly by taxonomists through investigation of various parts of the plant. However, most of the plants can be classified based on the leaf shape and associated features. This article describes how Artificial(More)
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  • Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on…
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It is well-known that the correct diagnosis for wireless sensor network can avoid the paralysis of entire systems. Here, fault diagnosis for wireless sensor network based on genetic-support vector machine is presented in the paper. In SVM, inappropriate training parameters can lead to over-fitting or under-fitting. Thus, genetic algorithm is used to select(More)
Optical flow estimation is one of the important domains in computer vision. HS algorithm based on variational method is a classical optical flow estimation method, which can get consecutive smooth optical flow field in motion segmentation domain. But it usually takes a lot of time to calculate the HS model. In this paper, how HS algorithm gets optical flow(More)