Wang Zhi

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This paper, to solve the MINLP, presents an improved algorithm of PSO. The main characteristics of the improved algorithm includes: the introduction of backup-particles and the proposal of particles substitution strategy which improves the learning ability and updating velocity of particles. It proved by the classical values experiments that the improved(More)
Reusable launch vehicle (RLV) in the reentry process exhibit fast time-variation, strongly nonlinear and coupling characteristics, they all increase the complexity of attitude control system. After a vehicle's mathematical model is built for the analysis of RLV movement and attitude control system design, then some operating points are selected from the(More)
In order to reduce localization error of the sensor node, a novel node localization algorithm (DVHop-Steff) is proposed in this paper based on DV-Hop algorithm and Steffensen iterative method. Firstly, DV-Hop algorithm is used to obtain location position of wireless sensor nodes; and then Steffensen iterative method is used to correct the locate results of(More)
Growing demand for an efficient land use above and below the ground is motivating cadastre and land management systems to move from traditional 2D systems toward three dimensional ones. Airborne laser technology offers direct acquisition of dense and accurate 3D data. In order to get 3D road this paper proposes a hierarchical algorithm to extract terrain(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) digital modeling of object through optical scanners has been demonstrated in recent years with results of exceptional interest. However, the routine application of 3D modeling and visualization still requires the systematic investigation of a number of technical problems. In this paper, a 3D modeling and visualization techniques is(More)
The presented paper aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of the impact of China's WTO accession. The analysis used a 41-sector, 10-households recursive dynamic CGE model of China. Dualistic foreign trade regimes-ordinary trade regime and processing trade regimes, which represents an important feature of China's foreign trade-is introduced in the(More)
Cyrillic Fonts used in the Russian text in this issue are shown as ? marks. We were unable to get the computer to translate the font. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Upper Photo Interfingering between Upper Permian evaporitic to shallow-marine Bellephon formation and the alluvial clastic redbeds of the Val Gardena Sandstone. The photo shows(More)
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