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Effect of Driver Visual Characteristics on Road Traffic Safety
In order to better improve the management of road safety and reduce traffic accidents,this paper analyzes the driver visual characteristics related to safety running,such as sight,visibility,stereo vision,color vision,visual adaptation, and other factors,described the effects of the characteristics on road traffic safety. Expand
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The Summary of the Forest Tourism Development in China
The paper analyze the history,current status,characteristics and some existing problems in the development of forest parks in China,then put forward the development trend of forest tourism and giveExpand
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Inhibition effect on LPS-induced TNF-α release by homegrown and Australian Melaleuca alternifolia(Tea Tree)oil
Objective To compare the inhibition of the homegrown and Australian tea tree oil(TTO)solution on TNF-α release from RAW264.7 cells induced by LPS.Methods MTT assay was used to measure the effects ofExpand
Construction of Intellectual Tactics Pattern of Disciplines in the Light of Particularity of Knowledge
The core capacity of disciplines lies in efficient management of knowledge, and the essence of management is to make knowledge most effectively used. Our concern is what intellectual tactics patternExpand
The Study Of Family Wealth Transfer Between Two Generations In Rural Areas——To Take Hebei's Villages As Axample
The paper explains how the family wealth is transferred from parents to sons,what time the wealth transfer happens and how much they are passed down by using the survey data of the changes of familyExpand
Exploration and Practice of Big Centralized Control Operational Mode
Some disadvantages of traditional centralized control operational mode are summarized.Main characteristics of big centralized control are pointed out.And two key issues such as optimization ofExpand
Analysis and prediction of surface subsidence of double-arch tunnel construction in city
The study work of surface subsidence has been mostly focused on shield construction of underground tunnel,while there has hardly been any research on surface subsidence caused by mining methodExpand
Empirical Study on the Construction of Competency Model of Major Discipline in the Medical University
As a method of human resource analysis and evaluation, competency is an important tool that puts the human resources strategy and organizational strategy in a close connection. The paper explored theExpand
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Analysis on Volatility of Copper and Aluminum Futures Market of China
The metal futures market is a typical nonlinear dynamic system. Using R/S method and FIEGARCH model, the paper study nonlinear characteristics and long-term memory of copper and aluminum futuresExpand
Application of Discipline Evaluation in the Construction of Key Disciplines in Universities
We put forward the following four suggestions: 1. ensuring that the content of evaluation is in accordance with the goal; 2. the selection of the indicators for discipline evaluation should be based on the evaluation requirements for national key discipline; 3. constructing the indicator system with evaluation factors mainly related to the resources, ability and performance of the disciplines concerned. Expand