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Effects of Selenium Valence States and Concentration on Germination and Root Growth of Six Crop Species
Effects of selenium on seeds germination and root growth were studied by culture experiment with 6 species under different Se valence states(Se6+ and Se4+) and concentrations(0~100 mgSe·L-1).TheExpand
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Cyst in sediment surface and sediment trap samples and also phytoplankton in water samples were analyzed in the Daya Bay, South China Sea, from June to September, 2000. A large scale bloom of theExpand
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Comparative study on physiological characteristics in winter wheat with different nitrogen use efficiency
A field plot experiment was conducted to study the physiological characteristic of winter wheat with different nitrogen use efficiency Xiaoyan 22(XY22) and Xiaoyan 6(XY6) by measuring yield,yieldExpand
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Performance Detection of Precision Seed-Metering Device Based on Optoelectronic Senor
In this research,a no-blind area sensor composed of infrared emission diode,convex lens and nude silicon-photocells for precisely detecting the function of a precision seed-metering device and hardware and software systems controlled by 89C51 was designed. Expand
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Resolution of β-aminoalcohols and 1,2-diamines using fractional crystallization of diastereomeric salts of dehydroabietic acid
Abstract ( S )-(+)-1-Amino-3-phenyloxy-2-propanol, ( R )-(−)-2-amino-1-phenylethanol, ( S )-(+)-1-amino-2-propanol, (1 S ,2 S )-(+)-2-aminocyclohexanol and (1 S ,2 S )-(+)-1,2-diaminocyclohexane wereExpand
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Inhibitory effects of seaweed Gracilaria lemaneiformis on the growth of two red tide microalgal species
Inhibitory effects of Gracilaria lemaneiformis on the growth of two red tide microalgae Chaetoceros curvisetus and Scrippsiella trochoidea were studied in coexistence culture systems.Results showedExpand
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Noise reduction of signal and condition recognition of long-distance pipeline
The weak negative pressure wave signals mixed in the powerful background signals and noise were often filtered out from the signal of long-distance pipeline.In order to resolve the problem,the localExpand
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Vertical distribution of dinoflagellate resting cysts in surface sediments from the Aotou area of Daya Bay
Three sediment cores (about) 20cm length were collected from the Aotou area of Daya Bay, the South China Sea by TFO core sampler in Aug. 2001 to investigate the vertical distribution ofExpand
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Numerical simulation for air field of air-suction cylinder seeder.
In order to analyze factors on performance indexes of the air-suction cylinder seeder for super hybrid rice seeds and study the air flow in the air-suction cylinder seeder and sucker,a threeExpand
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Experiment of fluid-induced vibration at spillway radial gate of Silin Hydropower Station at Wujiang River
For studying the possible fluid-induced vibration at the spillway radial gate of Silin Hydropower Station at the Wujiang River,fluid-induced vibration tests with a 1/35 perfect hydroelastic similarExpand
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