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This paper provides an analytical nonlinear model based on flux density of rotor and Winding function of the PMSM, which take into account the magnetic saturation. This model gives a clear physical picture for the saturation phenomenon in the d- and q-axis representation. Moreover, the saturation effect on the machine d- and q-axis synchronous reactance is(More)
This paper gives the research of the design for the high power-density permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)[1] and its driving system. Firstly, it provides the guidance strategy of the control parameters and the research on the system stability. Then the paper gives the basic design parameters of high power-density PMSM and the finite element analysis(More)
The Unit Power Factor (UPF) operation of interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (IPMSG)-rectifier system is discussed in detail. The scheme is focus on the control of the classical architecture of IPMSG-Voltage source rectifier(VSR) which is widely used in All-Electric Ship. And the unit power factor control is applied to the generator-side(More)
Taking Master-slave rectifier parallel operation control system as the object of study, the paper adopts a control strategy of average-current, the current instructions of the Master rectifier is delivered promptly to the Slave rectifier pass by CAN Bus. Firstly, the measurement methods of the time that data transmits by CAN bus in parallel system is given,(More)
This paper presents the ultrasonic frequency characteristic of electromagnetic vibration and noise for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The analysis flowchart of the vibration noise was discussed, and the electromagnetic vibration is researched from the simulation results integrated theoretical analysis. This paper describe that the slots and pole(More)
For large current and large power, the switching devices IGBT often have to be connected in parallel. This paper investigated the effects of the parallel connection of 1700V IGBTs' current balance such as the output characteristics and selected for the IGBT modules, the drive signal synchronization and drive circuit parameters and so on. The parallel IGBTs(More)
The harmonic issue of generator-rectifier system is discussed in this paper. A general method for determining the theoretical harmonic components of the regular sampled symmetrical SVPWM is presented. The analytical expression for SVPWM was validated by comparing the analytical calculated results with experimental measurements. The relationships among Total(More)
In this paper, the power flow management algorithms for a power generation system is presented. An Energy Control Unit (ECU) was used to monitor and optimize the power flow from the microturbine-generation to the battery and the load, to improve not only the dynamic performance but also the safety and reliability of the power generation system Finally, an(More)
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