Wang Yinghui

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Despite the numerous researches done on Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in China and in the world, information regarding emissions and concentrations of OCPs in Karst caves is extremely limited. Karst areas have much higher ecological vulnerability and are so easy to be contaminated. This paper presents results of a monitoring program conducted in Dayan(More)
With the rapid development of knowledge economy, human resources have been one of the most important strategies of all walks of life. The role of performance appraisal of human resource management in the modern enterprise is becoming increasingly prominent, and has become the core issue of human resource management. There are two basic methods, qualitative(More)
Knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) show the service specialized, knowledgeable, customized features, which determines its customers with a highly participatory and interactive. The reasonable classification of the customer will contribute to offering better solutions for the problem to meet customer’s demand. Combined with tures of KIBS(More)
Defining the social capital in the structure of competitive alliance, this paper presents analysis and evaluating system of social capital. Based on four-dimensional elements: information volume, information diversity, information richness, information adaptation, the paper establishes evaluating model of social capital in competitive alliance and method of(More)
A well-operating urban public transportation system has a wide range of requirements in many aspects such as route design, station density, scheduling management, demands analysis, service level, and so on. In order to analyze and research such complex system, a method is to use a computer simulation which simulates the behavior of individuals in complex(More)
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