Wang Yin Chai

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This paper presents a multiobjective hybrid metaheuristic approach for an intelligent spatial zoning model in order to draw territory line for geographical or spatial zone for the purpose of space control. The model employs a Geographic Information System (GIS) and uses multiobjective combinatorial optimization techniques as its components. The proposed(More)
Luggage inspection systems play an important role in ensuring national security at airports. In this research, an effort of a new enhancement algorithm of dual-energy Xray carry-on luggage images is proposed to ensure the national security at airports. A new approach of combing High Energy and Low Energy x-ray images, de-noise it and at the end enhance the(More)
Shape representation methods play an important role in 3D shape recognition system. Three-dimensional shape recognition is widely used in 3D search engines, gravitational field, medical imaging, computer vision and face recognition. In this paper we propose an ellipsoidal shape representation technique for 3D shape recognition. We present some experimental(More)
Digital image enhancement has been a hot topic during the past decades. In this paper, we have established a new approach for local gray contrast adjustment of tiny characters and global referenced base contrast enhancement approach to improve the contrast of degraded images. The proposed approach initially adjusts the contrast of tiny characters and then(More)