Wang Yin Chai

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Luggage inspection systems play an important role in ensuring national security at airports. In this research, an effort of a new enhancement algorithm of dual-energy X-ray carry-on luggage images is proposed to ensure the national security at airports. A new approach of combing High Energy and Low Energy x-ray images, de-noise it and at the end enhance the(More)
Shape representation methods play an important role in 3D shape recognition system. Three-dimensional shape recognition is widely used in 3D search engines, gravitational field, medical imaging, computer vision and face recognition. In this paper we propose an ellipsoidal shape representation technique for 3D shape recognition. We present some experimental(More)
Image Segmentation is the process of partitioning a digital image into non-overlapping distinct regions, so that significant information about the image could be retrieved and various analysis could be performed on that segmented image. The aim of this study is to reduce the noise, enhance the image quality by considering the spatial information without(More)
One of the fundamental and significant distinctiveness of an image is that, adjacent pixels are extremely correlated. The spatial information in the image improves the quality of clustering which is not utilized in the standard Fuzzy C-Means (FCM). FCM algorithm is not robust against noise. In this paper, we proposed an enhanced version of Fuzzy C-Means(More)
Shape representation plays an important role to preserve shape geometry information of any object. The majority of existing shape representation methods used sphere to approximate 3D object. Sphere is divergence in nature and hence the mapping between sphere and object is non-compact and the resultant shape representation becomes less informative. In this(More)