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Compare to previous GNSS receiver, this paper present software defined radio approach to implement the 12 channel GPS receiver in single DSP platform. Different with previous implementation, only single generic DSP chip will be used to complete all functions of a GPS receiver this time. The paper will introduce design of the system architecture, the(More)
In this paper, we discuss three dynamic spectrum assignment schemes: Random Spectrum Assignment, Non-Random Spectrum Assignment and Reservation based Non-Random Spectrum Assignment. A general definition of capacity for secondary user is given. By using quasi birth and death theory, we derive the closed-form solution of secondary capacity and analyze the(More)
Recent research on SDR (software defined radio) GNSS receiver is mostly based on DSP/FPGA hybrid or PC platform. In this paper we will introduce a prototype design of SDR GNSS in stand-alone DSP platform. The GNSS receiver with has more than 12 GPS channels, which is implemented in a TI TMS320C6416 DSP chip. The chip will fulfill acquisition, tracking and(More)
In cognitive radio networks (CRNs), how to efficiently take advantage of vacant frequency bands for secondary users (SUs) has become a key to improve quality of service (QoS). Detection error has certain impacts on spectrum access, leading to overlook vacant frequency bands or occur the collision between primary users(PUs) and SUs. Since sensing mistake is(More)
There are two main activities in entrepreneurial process associated with the survival of new ventures: coping with the liabilities of newness and exploit competitive advantage. Entrepreneurship is a process of learning. Based on available research on entrepreneurship, we identify internal and external mechanisms of learning in new ventures and propose that(More)
Along with ahead of an aging population arrival, the health of the elderly is a major concern for society. Accidental falls become an important factor affecting the health of the elderly. Designing fall detection software has a better effect on the prevention of sudden illness for the elderly caused by a fall. Therefore, fall detection technologies and(More)
Power system modeling is software management tool for managing electricity demand, power system trading electricity and power system generation expansion planning purposes, through the combination of various models and their comparison, which can be used by the Government for its policy support and by the power enterprises for their business development(More)
The optimization on BER performance of UWB non-coherent receiver based on On-Off Keying OOK scheme is investigated. The optimum parameters combination of length of integration interval and <i>SNR</i> in the integration interval, which makes the BER minimum, is illustrated. A modified least-squares-based algorithm is proposed in this study, which apply the(More)
Support vector machine is the highlight in machine learning. Also, performance evaluation and parameters selection for SVM model become an important issue to make it practically useful. In this paper, after investigating current evaluation index for pattern recognition, we introduced Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve into the performance evaluation.(More)
In modern times, the characteristics of lots of control variables, complex control strategies, high real-time control requirements and hard working conditions in the six-speed automatic transmission (6AT) control system increase the difficulty of transmission control unit (TCU) designing. Based on high performance microcontroller MC9S12XET256, the design of(More)