Wang Xuren

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In Intrusion Detection Systems, many intelligent information processing methods, data miming technology and so on have been applied to generating attack signatures automatically, updating signatures easily and improving detection accuracy with ultra data set. This paper presents an improved association rule discovering system under rough set theory(More)
Intrusion Detection System has some defects, such as signatures being generated manually, updating attack signatures difficultly and doing nothing in front of ultra data set. This paper presents a hybrid approaches for modeling IDS. Association rule mining and Rough set theory are combined as a hierarchical hybrid intelligent system model. The hybrid(More)
Broadband networks have been well developed and increasedly applied in Chinese industries' and organizations’ networks. The security problems in broadband networks are discussed widely and frequently. There exit various network security protection tools, such as firewall, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), leak scanning and so on. All these tools(More)
With the increasing popularity of RFID applications, RFID protocols are widely discussed. Most RFID protocols use a central database to store the RFID tag data, while severless RFID protocols are proposed to provide users with security and privacy protection without the connection and security problem between readers and sever. The shortcoming of severless(More)
To investigate the issue of the Internet public opinion mining. To show how to get web page information from the Internet, purify and convert the web page to appropriate format processed by computer. To find topic based on a new clustering algorithm which need not calculate all similarity and is more effective than the traditional clustering algorithm. At(More)
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