Wang Xuejun

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This paper probes into the relationship among knowledge, learning and innovation at the level of enterprise and it holds that the organizational learning is the precondition for the knowledge accumulation of the enterprise, the most important process of innovation as well as the best approach to cultivation of the core capability. There exists learning(More)
Innovative cluster is a new model of economic development with innovation as the impetus. It is a senior stage of industrial cluster development, and a frontier field of international academic research. This article firstly reviews the transition procedure of economic patterns, indicating the inevitability of the mutual permeability between the study of(More)
In the management of scientific research project, the evaluation of scientific research project is one of important processes. Traditional evaluation methods can not suffice the increasing need in the evaluation of scientific research project. In order to improve the efficiency of the evaluation of scientific research Project., this paper on the basis of(More)
In this paper, an image coding approach is developed based on the quadtree classified method. It can solve the problem that some range blocks cannot be coded under the conventional fractal coding method. Experimental results show that compared to the conventional automatic fractal coding method, this approach can obtain high compression ratio with no(More)
This paper analyzes the necessity of implementing rural human capital engineering from the perspective of practical demands firstly. Then it points out the theory vacancy of this area by going through the literatures, and the theoretical basis of the topic is therefore located. In this way, the topic of rural human capital engineering is brought forth from(More)
Through discussions of knowledge management within innovative clusters, this paper analyzed the knowledge chain in innovative clusters, the structure and connotation of innovative clusters in terms of knowledge management, and mechanism of knowledge management in forming innovative clusters. The cycle of knowledge chain brought about appreciation of(More)
Based on the competency model for postgraduates, the article constructs the assessment instruments for postgraduates, which aims to further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the quality-oriented education for postgraduates and provide reference for the selection and cultivation of excellent postgraduates.
In order to solve the problem of millions image retrieval in science and technology resources database, the authors firstly studied extraction technologies of bottom image features in CBIR. Sub-block histogram method was used in the color feature extraction, and the Gabor wavelet transformation method were used in the texture feature extraction, while the(More)
This paper focuses on the learning organization's knowledge energy movement from the angle of quantum- mechanical theory, with the application of literature methodology and analogy methodology. The following conclusions were reached. Learning organization's knowledge energy is the sum total of work done by learning force to transfer learning organization(More)
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