Wang Xueguang

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Based on SVM, A fast and accurate algorithm of automatic eye localization is introduced for face image's normalization in face recognition, which the localization of the eyeball's center can be accomplished in a second, and the localization accuracy can arrive at 95 percent and the average localization error is 3.16 pixels. Compare to existing eye(More)
It is analyzed the characteristics and developing direction of F-P fiber optic sensor signal acquisition system, in this paper. And based on ARM core microprocessor and the open source Linux operating system for embedded system, it proposed a development idea of fiber optic sensor signal acquisition system based on embedded system, and as well as into the(More)
The ControlNet network is designed to be the central communication architecture for interoperating automation products. It provides fast, deterministic scheduled data transfer for control purposes and unscheduled non–time–critical messaging for configuration and house–keeping on the same network. This is accomplished by partitioning(More)
In this paper, we introduced a new fiber-optic strain sensor with white light interferometric principle based on Fabry-Perot, which is capable of providing measurement for the building strain. The signal processing of system is that the optical signal wavelength is modulated in the Fabry-Perot cavity and is demodulated during the optical-electricity(More)
Support Vector Machine (SVM) was a new and outstanding machine learning as an efficient machine learning tool in dealing with small samples. In this paper, an new automatic eye position algorithm based on SVM is introduced, which is fast and accurate and the eyeball’s center position velocity is only 1 second. The position accuracy is up to 95(More)
In this paper, based on face recognition, the core algorithm is studied, which was applied in Access Control System. This algorithm carries on the Fisher and PCA transformation in the face image, which the main characteristic vector of the PCA is fused to form a new one that is taken as the distinction standard. By means of ORL and Yale face database, the(More)
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