Wang Xinjun

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XML (extensible markup language) has recently emerged as a new standard for data representation and exchange on the Internet. It is expected that XML will become a universal format for data exchange on the Web. Thus, many electronic materials, such as documents and business data, will be expressed in XML or converted to XML from existing databases, and then(More)
Workflow management system must support multi-group collaborations to satisfy practical business processes. The workflow management coalition (WFMC), which is working toward interoperability between workflow management systems, doesn't concern with this subject. A paper by Zhang et al., (2003) introduces an idea to support multi-group collaborations in a(More)
The decision tree algorithm, an analytical and predictive model to describe datum under the influence of different variables, has been successfully put to use in diagnosing and treating certain diseases. To meet the requirements and characteristics of the clinical classification for the hand venule of baby pneumonia, this paper proposes a new classification(More)
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