Wang Xingwei

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Wireless Local Area (WLAN) has become a hot spot of application in the field of telecommunication these years. To secure WLAN for data transmission, RC4 algorithm is able to provide the advantages of fast performance in the resource constrained environment. This paper analyzes the security of RC4 algorithm, presents a way to enhance the security of RC4(More)
The paper discusses integration QoS routing algorithm in IP/DWDM Internet. Given a QoS multicast request and the delay interval required by users, we propose an algorithm, which can find a flexible-QoS-based cost suboptimal routing tree. The algorithm constructs the multicast tree based on multipopulation parallel genetic simulated annealing algorithm, and(More)
The paper analyzes traction substationpsilas structure and spare parts, product main model. It mainly studies the application of case-based reasoning (CBR) in the design of traction substation. The application adopts architecture and object-oriented presentation to represent productpsilas structure and case base. It adopts level-2 indexing to determine(More)
this recommendation algorithm based on User-Item Rating Matrix is inefficient in the case of cold-start. The Application of Multi-Attribute Rating Matrix (MARM) can solve the problem effectively. The user and item information are analyzed to create their attribute-tables. The user's ratings are mapped to the relevant item attributes and the user's(More)
To find an optimal handover solution of terminal users under heterogeneous wireless networks, Pareto optimum under Nash equilibrium of users' utility and network provider utility is achieved or approached for the found solution. QoS (quality of service) requirements, user preferences to access network coding schemes, user preferences to access network(More)
Security plays an important role in the ability to deploy and retrieve trustworthy data for a wireless sensor network. Secure coverage is an effective defense against attacks which take advantage of a lack of deployment information. In this work, on the basis of improved genetic algorithm, a novel algorithm is proposed to guarantee the effect of secure(More)
In view of the virtual enterprisespsila characteristics of organization and operation, the idea of distributed decision-making (DDM) is applied to the management of the virtual enterprisespsila risks, with an organizational-DDM risk management model developed for those virtual enterprises which are in relation to enforced-team, and describes how to reserve(More)
Most of the existing routing algorithms are based on two dimension, and the results can't be directly applied to the three dimensional wireless sensor networks, the Space Angle Based Energy-Aware Routing algorithm in three dimensional wireless sensor networks is designed in this paper. Firstly, the Iterative Split Clustering Algorithm for dividing the(More)
With the challenges brought by the expansion of network scale, as well as the diversity of the equipments and the complexity of network protocols, many self-configurable systems have been proposed combining formal specification and model finding techniques. In this paper, we pay more attention to formal specifications of network information, i.e., exploring(More)
In this article, we present a cross-domain protocol model based on hypercube, analysis of the theorem and simulation results. Utilizing the structural features of hypercube, the model supports mutual authentication between the entities in different trust domains. Compared with traditional cross-domain authentication model, the proposed model reduces the(More)