Wang Xing-Yuan

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To guarantee the security of communication in the public channel, many key agreement protocols have been proposed. Recently, Gong et al. proposed a key agreement protocol based on chaotic maps with password sharing. In this paper, Gong et al.’s protocol is analyzed, and we find that this protocol exhibits key management issues and potential security(More)
Considering the difference in the sizes of the infected clusters in the dynamic complex networks, the normalized entropy based on infected clusters (δ*) is proposed to characterize the inhomogeneity of epidemic spreading. δ* gives information on the variability of the infected clusters in the system. We investigate the variation in the inhomogeneity of the(More)
Dynamic analysis of the coupled logistic map redounds to know and predict the characteristics of high-dimension complex nonlinear system. Using the method combining calculation and experiment, the following conclusions are shown: (1) The boundary equation of the first bifurcation of the coupled logistic map in the parameter space is given out. (2) Chaotic(More)
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