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Prototype and tectonic evolution of the Junggar basin,northwestern China.
Three topics are discussed in this paper:(1) the time of ocean-continent transformation and the prototype of the Middle-Late Carboniferous Junggar basin.Based on tectonic evolution and magmaticExpand
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Traffic Signals Control in Multi-Phase Cross Based on Fuzzy Control
This paper puts forward two kinds of methods to control traffic signals in cross based on fuzzy control and contrast sthem by analyzing. Expand
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An Image-adaptive Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT
An image-adaptive watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform was proposed. Expand
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Prying about Difference and Connection of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi's Political Outlooks on Society
The thoughts of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi are both idealists whose philosophy is based on the theory Tao.Both of them claim governing by non-interference,but there are differences in the basis and angleExpand
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Analysis of the fold-thrust zone in the southern Junggar Basin, northwestern China
Four topics related to the fold-thrust zone in the southern Junggar basin are discussed in this paper. (1) Based on structural characteristic, the fold-thrust zone in the southern Junggar basin isExpand
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Analysis and Improvement of SVD-Based Image Watermarking Algorithm
This paper analyzed some existing image watermarking algorithms using singular value decomposition(SVD) technique,and pointed out they have the problem of high error detec- tion rate of originalExpand
The influence of human capital outflow on economic growth of Heilongjiang province
Facing global economic integration and drastic market competition,human capital possession becomes the basis and guarantee of domestic development.The paper focuses on current situation of humanExpand
Study of defog technology for road scene
In order to remove weather effects from images,monocular camera machine vision,Hough transform and edge detection are combined to construct the scene depth map to restore the image degraded in foggy day. Expand