Wang Xiaohong

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This paper presents the basic principle for a Matrix Converter with double space vector modulation technique. We specified various parts of the simulation modules and analyzed the process of switches conversion and their relative pulse wave using an optimized nine-step modulation strategy. A simple way for the realization of carrier waves had been(More)
A control strategy of positive and negative sequence controllers for three phase voltage source PWM rectifier based on power-equation principle is proposed aim at eliminating the harmonic of dc output voltage. The strategy calculates the commands of positive and negative sequence currents using the equation principle of instantaneous power, and designs(More)
Through observation and comparison of roof environmental factors and ground environmental factors, it can be known that roof is 3300lux stronger, 5% lower, 6°C higher and 0.6m/s faster than ground in terms of illumination intensity, relative humidity, temperature and wind velocity respectively at sunny midday. Set seven different soil thicknesses(More)
To perform real-time detection of specific genes, a new complex probe has been designed and synthesized. Based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), this complex probe is composed of a long-fluorescent reporter probe and a short-quenching probe. The 5' end of the fluorescent probe is connected to a fluorescein molecule, and its 3' end is linked(More)
Formative evaluation, advocated in English teaching, is a multidimensional assessment during the learning process, including self-evaluation, mutual evaluation, teacher evaluation, stage test. This evaluation lays emphasis on the process of learning, differs from summative evaluation, which only shows the final results for a semester. Autonomy is an(More)
The paper, based on Swain' Output Hypothesis and College English Curriculum Requirements, introduces English speech activities into the class, confirms its proficiency on the students' English application abilities and its promoting value by 2-year experiments. And it analyzes the existing problems in the lecture contents, oral expression, posture and(More)
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