Wang Xiao-ming

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Old urban redevelopment project management, compared with traditional project management, features multi- objectives, multi-feedback loops and complex nonlinear. In this paper, system dynamics approach is introduced into the project management in old urban redevelopment, and the characteristics of system dynamics in old urban redevelopment management are(More)
This paper explores knowledge formation and knowledge management for urban construction in the context of sustainable development. The primary goal of this research is to propose an approach to helping achieve the harmony and the sustainability of urban construction and development, by the research of knowledge management based on symbiosis. As the(More)
This paper analyzes and generalizes the connotations of business model based on literature review, in particular, accentuating the importance of customer needs to business model's innovation. Then, it, take Zhongshan Telecom as an example, explores Best Tone's innovation and evolution on the basis of customer needs. Analysis shows that the best tone model(More)
From the sense of providing the necessity for people's living, it can be said that housing is one kind of infrastructure. In fact, housing development in the urban renewal can be regarded as an integrated infrastructure development project. With a rapid economic development in China, the urbanization process develops at a great speed. The housing(More)
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