Wang Xiangdong

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Current knowledge of suicidal behavior in the Western Pacific region is relatively limited when compared to other areas of the world. This area is characterized by a wide diversity of social, economic, and cultural aspects that do not permit any homogenous reading of suicide phenomena. Data from countries of the region included in this article suggest the(More)
Fuzzy PID control strategy of the engine coolant temperature by fuzzy reasoning and fuzzy is proposed, set up fuzzy control rule table to AVR mega16 microcontroller as the core hardware systems, and software design. Tests showed that fuzzy PID controller is more than PID controller, more rapid, high-precision control effect.
Although the area of greenhouse is large in China, the majority of them still use primitive cultivation methods, the majority of the greenhouse which has been controlled by a controller belongs demonstrated project. Due to the cost, maneuverability, national conditions and other reasons, it can not be used widely. Based on this, in order to serve for(More)
Aiming at the high-precision mechanism model of the greenhouse and the problem of the nonlinear strong coupling between temperature and humidity, this paper employs the method of accurate linearization in the nonlinear system. The exact linearization of the system is realized through state feedback", "and then realizes the gradual tracking of the ideal(More)
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