Wang Xiang-yu

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Activated microglia are instrumental to neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease (PD). Fractalkine, as an exclusive ligand for CX3CR1 expressed on microglia, has recently been reported to be released out by neurons, and induce microglial activation as a neuron-to-glia signal in the spinal cord. However, the role of fractalkine-induced microglial activation(More)
It's found that the distinction of permittivity of different tissues is more obvious, according to analyzing the changing regularity of the conductivity and permittivity of the head tissue at different frequency. A capacitance measuring method based on dielectric property is presented, which aims at detecting the haematoma as well as its development(More)
Due to lots of measuring positions, long duration, complex test objects and various data types in the tracking test system, there is a badly need to find a simple, effective and convenient analysis method to process the test data and figure out the potential rules. This paper finds a method of identifying the optimal time-series model automatically, through(More)
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